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Executive/Overview Reports: Scorecard View (Perspectives) Report

This report is a graphical and tabular view of active performance indicators by their scorecard perspectives (listed on the left of the report) and their contribution to the whole organisation (figure 1).

To display a report by date, click on the (By Date) option on the 'Scorecard view' report link and use the date picker (figure 2) to choose a date range to run the report by.

The colour coding follows the Escendency standard. For additional explanation of these and other symbols used in this and other Escendency reports, see icon coding in control panel help.

Performance Indicator (PI) reports can be accessed by clicking on one of the coloured blocks representing individual PIs or on the Perspective title itself to see a summary report of all associated PI reports which can then be drilled down further to individual performance reports. See an example PI report - these reports can also be accessed from other reports e.g. My Strategic Overview and Performance Indicator Library).

The Escendency system comes with a default set of Scorecard Categories that can be added to, deleted, or edited in the Scorecard Perspectives module.

Figure 1: An example Scorecard (Perspectives) report

Figure 2: Date picker used in the (By Date) option on the Scorecard View report

Like all Escendency reports the Scorecard View report can be exported so that a snap shot can be saved on file as and when is required (to do this scroll to the bottom of the report and select the Export Report icon and follow the default). Because of the number of components in the report the file will be saved as a zip file. Users with Windows XP can use the default zipping utility to unzip the file while users of older machines will need a third party zip software.