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Control Panel: Performance Targets

This tab shows user's performance progress from the measurements of the performance indicators associated with their assigned performance targets:

Note: Progress bars only appear for performance targets which have a numeric value where high is good. They don't represent progress towards dates or relative to low values.


green tick
Performance measurements on target
No measurements
tick with warning
Performance measurements over achieving
Click to view current measurement and performance target value
Performance at risk of failing
Click to display performance target graph
double warning
Performance failing

On the right, the progress bars give an instant visual overview of how close to completion the performance target is. The colour of the bar shows the performance target's status relative to its target at this time (red means "failing", amber means "behind target", green means "on target", and blue is exceeding target - see Control Panel Display). The percentage and the length of the bar shows absolute progress towards a target. For example, the target bar could be at 20% and blue indicating that performance indicator measurements are exceeding expectations but the target is still not complete.

The icons on the far left show a summary of the user's peformance progress, clicking on the binocular icon allows the user to see the current performance indicator's value and the target value:

Clicking on the graph icon link goes directly to the performance target graph:

Graphs show a range of information about a performance target. By default, the graph shows progress on the performance target, the performance target value (red line), and where the current measurement progress is currently relative to its target.

Target values for performance targets where values fall into a range will appear as two lines, for the top and bottom of the range.

For measurements of cumulative PIs, each point is the data entered plus all the previous entries (graphs will tend to rise). For measurements of average PIs, each point is the average of all previous entries (graphs will tend to flatten out). For measurements of snapshot PIs, each point is the data entered (graphs may go all over the place).

The Chart Values tab allows additional data shown on the graph. Changing the Y (vertical) axis value allows "zoom in" or out on a graph, e.g. for a graph where all the points are in the range 200-210, changing the minimum Y value to 190 would give a more close-up view of the line.

The Chart Image, Chart 3D and Chart Border tabs enable customising of the graph's appearence. Chart Image allows a choice of scatter charts, curves, area, bar or line graphs.