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Help and Support

Escendency support is divided into four areas: Online help, including an interactive glossary and video tutorials, online support ticketing system (Escendency Helpdesk), user/developer interface (JUDI) and telephone support.

Online Help

The help can be accessed anytime during a session on the system by clicking the help icon at the top right hand side of all help pages or directly through a web browser at The help files are context sensitive, that is they will relate directly to the page the user is currently on when they click the help link:

The control panel help page is a good starting point for users to familiarise themselves with the system as it has links to all the help files within the online help. Selecting the HELP link for all control panel tabs default to this page. To access this page from a web browser use the following URL:


Technically part of the online help, the glossary is an interactive repository of terms used to describe the components of the Escendency system and performance management terms as a whole.

The glossary can be accessed from the online help GLOSSARY link on the systems tools menu or directly from a web browser using the following URL:

help gloss

The glossary contains links to all parts of the online help as well as common terminology used in the system and performance management.

Video Tutorials

There are a series of video tutorials that offer step by step guides on basic system principles including setting up performance targets, action plans, strategy maps etc.

The videos can be accessed from the online help wherever the movie camera icon appears and also from the online help or at:


Online Ticketing support (Escendency Helpdesk)

Most Escendency support issues are resolved through an email ticketing system provided by a third party vendor (Triangle Solutions) and customised for Escendency. The ticketing system is located on the domain (also shared by the Escendency website) and can be accessed in the system from the Helpdesk link on the system menu or in a web browser using the following URL:

Setting up a user account

New users can register an account simply by clicking on the 'Register' link on the Helpdesk login screen and following the defaults:

On clicking 'Submit' if the user has followed the registration guidelines they will be flagged as submitted to the system and can start using the system immediately. They will also be sent a confirmation email.

Using the Helpdesk ticketing system

When a user logs onto the Helpdesk they will access the 'Support Tickets Manager' interface:

To create a ticket, clink on the 'New Ticket' link:

Once all the fields are filled in the ticket submit button can be clicked.

Note: The ticket will not be sent to Escendency support unless the subject field is also filled in. Once the ticket is submitted it will be sent to Escendency support and logged in the right hand side of the ticket manager window for that ticket. All correspondence related to the ticket will be visible in this window:


Joint User Development Interface (JUDI)

The Escendency Helpdesk is the first step for users to add enhancement requests and bug fix requests for inclusion in the Escendency roadmap. Tickets that address improvements in the system are entered into Escendency's online, customer accessible, Joint User Development Interface (JUDI) by the Escendency development team enabling customers to be able to track development work as it happens.

JUDI can be browsed and searched by a range of parameters including expected release date, type of request, priority of request, subject, category, status, assigned responsibility and more. that is accessible to all Escendency customers (read only).

JUDI can be accessed from:

A username and password is required to logon to the system obtained from Escendency support.

Figure 8: Example of a list of JUDI entries

Figure 9: Example of a JUDI entry in detail

Telephone Support

Where resolution of an issue cannot be completed using the Escendency Helpdesk ticketing system then Escendency support can be contacted by telephone. It is suggested that customers use the ticketing system to schedule a block of time for telephone support so that Escendency technical staff can give them undivided attention.

If an issue requires immediate attention, customers are provided with a hotline number that can be used in and out of regular office hours and days.