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Creating, Editing and Deleting Organisation Chart Items

Right clicking on an organisation element displays editing options. Note: at system start up there will only be the top tier organisation element.

Either another organisation element can be added, or a post (if the item is not a post), or an action plan alternatively the item itself can be edited or deleted.

Adding a post

A post can be added beneath any organisational element but not another post. Add a post by right clicking on an organisation item and select 'Add Post' (figure 2).

The add post dialog will be displayed on the right (figure 3).

Figure 3: Adding a post.

In figure 3 above a new post has been created in the Staff Recruitment Team and the Recruitment Team Leader post has been selected as the Manager Post or line manager (the post that the new post answers to). Because posts cannot be added under existing posts, the Manager Post is the best way to represent organisation heirarchy within an organisation element.

Team leader status can be associated with the post though this doesn't affect the system. Job share can be selected for posts that split responsibility for the same roles in the organisation, again selecting this does not affect the system and is merely a flag.

Adding a user to a post

Users are added to a new post in the User module and not from the organisation set up. Users can only be associated to posts that have been set up and are vacant. Click here for information on how to associate a user with an organisation post.