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Brief Introduction to the Escendency System

The key to using the Escendency system is the control panel. From here the user can quickly see and access all the performance information, tasks and reports relevant to them and, depending on their access levels, set up or edit any part of the system. The control panel is fully customisable and what a user sees, and has access to, is a function of their access levels, roles and needs.

Click anywhere on the example control panel figure below to see how the system works:

Tasks Reports Staff All Users Action Plans Indicators Dashboard Customize Customize Dashboard Click here to see an example performance target summary report Click here to see an example action plan summary report Click here to see an example action plan summary report Tools Click here to see an example assessment report Click here to see the corporate performance overview report related to performance gauges and strategy  map

For a more comprehensive introduction and explanation of the basic components of the Escendency system please see introduction.