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Scorecard Perspectives

Scorecard perspectives are accessed from the tool button and are a convenient way to group performance targets and action plans according to organisation 'perspectives' that can be anything from specific projects, committees, themes, departments etc. Originally they were based on local government guidelines to describe aspects of an organisation's internal quality control, e.g. corporate governance, executive priority, service outcome, etc and so differ from performance indicator categories that list specific organisation services.

A scorecard perspective might be relevant to many performance indicators and related to several categories. Scorecard Perspectives are optionally added during set up or editing of performance indicators in the Performance Indicator module. Below is an example list of perspectives:

The scorecard perspective list operates like other list pages in the Escendency system.

In the example above, notice that some perspectives are prefaced (e.g. the 'THEME' perspectives) this is to help the organisation identify which ones will be associated with a specific perspective category (in this case it would be 'Themes' category).

Click "Add" to add a new perspective, or click an existing perspective's edit icon to view/edit it:

Enter or update data about the perspective, then press the "Save" button to save data. Press the "Cancel" button to return to the list of records, losing any unsaved changes.

How to Use Perspectives

Scorecard Perspectives are displayed in either the Scorecard Perspectives Report or the Scorecard Perspectives by Category Report accessed from the user's Report tab. However, the report will only display information if performance indicators associated with an active performance target have also been associated with one or more of the scorecard perspectives (an option in peformance indicator set up and edit). Even active performance indicators can be attached or unattached from perspectives at any time.

See the perspectives set up video movie The SMART Scorecard Report Click here for a video demonstration on how to set up and use scorecard perspectives for a full step by step example that also incorporates scorecard perspective categories (a means to filter large number of perspectives - see next page).