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Recalculate Targets (update target activity)

The 'recalculate targets' window is accessed from the tool button. To recalculate all the targets in the system (e.g. at year end rollover) press the 'recalculate' button after entering the module:

Note: it is strongly advised to perform this at the end of a working day or when system usuage is at a minimum. This function duplicates part of the over night job (automatically run every night to re-calculate all the performance system parameters) and uses a lot of system resources.

Frequently Asked Questions about year end rollover and recalculating targets

Q What does Recalculate Targets actually do?
Answer: All that recalculation of targets will do is archive all completed targets and remove them visibly from the system's reporting (unless they are the last active target for a particular stategy map item) and remove too their contribution to mission (i.e. no performance graphs and no statuses will show)). They can still be accessed from the Historic CPO.
Q Do I have to wait until all target measurements are in before doing year end rollover?
Answer: No. Any overdue tasks will still show. When those tasks are complete you will need to update the targets again in order to clear them from the system.
Q Why do I still have a performance graph showing from the previous year despite all the out turns being entered for that target?
Answer: If no other target has been created for the current year then the last target, even if completed, will show until a new target is created (for a given stategy map item).
Q I have the CPO (corporate performance overview) traffic light report showing targets are on target but when I view the performance report there is no data showing.
Answer: Quite likely a new target has been created for the new measurement period and year end rollover (recalculate targets) has not been performed so the status for the last target is still showing while the graph is displaying the new, active target. The system always displays the latest currently active performance target so this should be considered when using the target creation wizard.
Q If I perform year end rollover will I still be able to set up new targets from the Strategy map using the target wizard?
Answer: Yes. Unless you delete a target it will always be visible in the strategy map by right clicking a measurable strategy map item with targets and selecting 'Add/View targets'. The new target creation will default to using information from the most recent target for that strategy map item (you can change the defaults as needed).
Q In Add/View targets it is possible to end a target before it's original set up time. How does this affect year end rollover?
Answer: It won't but for a clear explanation of the choices on ending a target prematurely, see Performance Target Help: End Targets. If a target is ended on last measurement date (or today), new targets created in the wizard will default start one day after the new end date. If 'end measurement' is selected target wizard default start is not affected.