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Strategy Map Tags


Data tags are a way to add qualitative data and information to strategy map items and also performance targets. They are particularly useful for bridging the gap between assessment reports and quantitative performance reports where the latter are linked to assessments (e.g. targets that require completion of checklists), school reports on individual students, reporting on groups and/or departments/services within an organisation, or linking reports at a service level to a corporate level for example where a corporate target comprises the results of performance targets for departments within that organisation (e.g. departments in schools, schools in colleges and services within local councils).

Tags are set up in the Data Tag tool option and added to relevant parts of the strategy map. Data tags, if attached, are reported in the Strategy Map Search by Tag report and in performance target reports.

Setting up Data Tags:

On new systems, there are no preloaded tags. Users with the relevant access levels can create as many types of tags as required. Access the system tools palette from the toolbutton and click on the Tags option:

From the list of data tags either select one to edit or click Add to add a new data tag (note: new systems have no default data tags, these have to be set up by the organisation).

There are three possible types of data tags, numeric, text and list. List items are separated by a comma:

Attaching Data Tags to Performance Targets

Data tags are added to strategy map items and are then reported to performance targets related to the map item. Locate the performance target in the strategy map and click on the data tag (data tag) icon:

Then enter data for the data tags relevant to that part of the map:

Reporting Data Tags

The data added to relevant data tags for a strategy map item will be displayed at the bottom of performance targets related to a particular strategy map item (figure 6).

This data will be changed in real time with editing to the data tags for that item. Changes can be recorded in the measurer comments as needed.