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Current Value Type

Field located in the performance indicator edit window. There are three default value types:

Cumulative is typically used for when a target is a fixed number measured several times during the target's duration. For example "number of new build houses on brownfield sites" measured every quarter and summed at the end of the year to compare to a final number of new house built target
Average is typically used when a target returns a mean, or a percentage mean that is averaged, at the end of the target duration. For example "average length of stay in temporary accommodation (B&B)" reported as days per month and measured over a year
Snapshot is used when a discrete measurement is required per measurement period, for example for a performance indicator that requires an action to be taken if it reaches a certain level at any given time ("Number of public disorder events in a month". "City Centre's Daily ozone concentration (ppb)", or if the performance indicator reports an annual result as a percentage for the year but is measured quarterly (e.g. "Number of minor planning applications completed within 8 weeks"). In the latter case, because percentages cannot usually be summed or averaged (unless the denominator is constant) the measurer will either input 'to date' values (such that the value for the second quarter would take into account both the first and second quarter) or the performance indicator is attached to an equation that calculates the performance target outturn to date.