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Scorecard Perspectives Categories

Scorecard perspective categories are accessed from the tool button and are a way of filtering scorecard perspectives by subdividing them into categories that can then be displayed in separate Scorecard reports (see Scorecard Perspectives Category report).

This is particularly useful for those parts of an organisation that have a number of their own perspectives that would be more clearly viewed in isolation from the rest (for example, Corporate, Local Democracy, Housing to use a District Council scenario, schools, colleges or departments for a higher education scenario, and projects, committees, for these and other organisations).

See below for an example list (a new system would not have any scorecard perspective categories):

The perspective category list page operates like other list pages in the Escendency system.

Click "Add" to add a new perspective category, or click an existing perspective's edit icon to view/edit it. The edit window is identical to that used for perspectives (see previous page).

Enter or update the perspective, then press the "Save" button to save data. Press the "Cancel" button to return to the list of records, losing any unsaved changes.

How to Use Perspectives Categories

Scorecard Perspectives are displayed in either the Scorecard Perspectives Report or the Scorecard Perspectives by Category Report accessed from the user's Report tab. Each perspective can be attached to a scorecard perspective category (once they have been created) from the edit window off the former:

add pesrpective category

Clicking on the Perspective Categories button brings up the available list:

add pesrpective category

Once the links have been made (active performance indicators are attached to perspectives that in turn are associated with relevant perspective categories) the report can be run from the scorecard perspective category report option in the reports tab:

add pesrpective category

From the perspective category report filter selecting one or more categories displays the resultant report:

add pesrpective category

The report will only display information if performance indicators associated with an active performance target have also been associated with one or more of the scorecard perspectives (an option in peformance indicator set up and edit). Even active performance indicators can be attached or unattached from perspectives at any time.

See the perspectives set up video movie camera The SMART Scorecard Report Click here for a video demonstration on how to set up and use scorecard perspectives for a full step by step example.