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Users: Supporting Data

There are two additional Administrator configurable objects that can affect the setting up of users. Both are accessed by clicking on the relevant links from the button:

Access Levels and User Groups

Within the system there are a number of accesses which can affect what a user is allowed to see and do.

These access rights are not assigned directly to individuals, instead individual users are assigned an Access Level in their user profile and access rights are assigned to these levels thus determining what access profile the user has

To edit access rights for users, or to create new access groups, select the Access Levels option from the button. This will open the Access Levels list:

This list page operates in the same way as other list pages in the Escendency system.

New Access Levels can be added to the defaults of Administrators (default system administration access), User and Manager (the latter have no default rights) created by clicking the Add link; existing groups can be edited by clicking on the icon alongside the relevant group. This will take the user to the Edit Access Rights page:

To assign access rights, click the Select Options button and check the relevant rights:

Select the appropriate access rights for the level you are editing and then select 'Save' or 'Cancel' to return to the Edit Access Rights window. There is no limit on the number of Access Levels that can be configured within the system.

Press 'Save' to save the data. Press the "Cancel" button to return to the list of records, losing any unsaved changes.

Note: Although the access levels are pretty self-explanatory, it's worth noting that if you want to give read access only to all the reports you should select the 'Auditor' option.