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Strategy Map Item Types

Strategy map items, accessed from the tool button, enable an organisation to customise the look and feel of their strategy map. Escendency provides four default strategy map items: Vision, Aim, Objective, and Target. Administrators can change the names of these items, whether they can be measured (i.e. have performance indicators attached to them to create performance targets) and the choice of icon. They can also add as many new items as they need:

To edit an existing item, click the edit iconedit icon. Users can change the item's description, associated icon, and whether or not it should always be measurabe. In practice only the lowest level strategy item (e.g. targets) should be set to Always Measurable, though this is still an option (as in the example below):

Press the Add button to add a new item (the dialog window will the be the same as for editing an item).