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Executive/Overview Reports: Search Strategy Map by Tag Report

This report displays a highlighted part of the strategy map with report drill down options that is located wherever data tags have been added to the strategy map (see Tags for more information on how to set up data tags on the strategy map). The first view a user sees is the Tag Value Search (figure 1) which then leads to the strategy map report after clicking the View button (figure 2).

Figure 1: Tag Value Search window (accessed from the Reports tab in control panel for Search Strategy Map by Tag Value)

Figure 2: Example Strategy Map Overview by Tag report

Like all Escendency reports the Strategy Map Search by Tag report can be exported so that a snap shot can be saved on file as and when is required (to do this scroll to the bottom of the report and select the Export Report icon and follow the default). Because of the number of components in the report the file will be saved as a zip file. Users with Windows XP can use the default zipping utility to unzip the file while users of older machines will need a third party zip software.

For additional explanation of the symbols used in this report, see control panel help.