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Online Ticketing Support (Escendency Helpdesk)

Most Escendency support issues are resolved through an email ticketing system provided by a third party vendor, Triangle Solutions, and customised for Escendency. The ticketing system is located on the domain (also shared by the Escendency website) and can be accessed in the system from the Helpdesk link on the system menu or in a web browser using the following URL:

Figure 1: Escendency online Helpdesk login screen

1. Setting up a User Account

New users can register an account simply by clicking on the Register link on the Helpdesk login screen and following the defaults (figure 2).

Figure 2: Registering as a first time user on the Escendency Helpdesk.

On clicking Submit if the user has followed the registration guidelines they will be flagged as submitted to the system and can start using the system immediately. They will also be sent a confirmation email.

Using the Helpdesk ticketing system

When a user logs onto the Helpdesk they will access the 'Support Tickets Manager' interface (figure 3).

Figure 3: Support Ticket Manager

To create a ticket, clink on the 'New Ticket' link (figure 4):

Figure 4: New ticket window

Once all the fields are filled in the ticket submit button can be filled in. The ticket will not be sent to Escendency support until the subject field is also filled in. Once the ticket is submitted it will be sent to Escendency support and logged in the right hand side of the ticket manager window for that ticket. All correspondence related to the ticket will be visible in this window (figure 5).

Figure 5: Ticket Manager for one ticket showing thread of support

Note: Although a user will receive a response from Escendency support in their email inbox as well as in their Helpdesk account, it is requested that users use the helpdesk interface for correspondence about a particular ticket until that ticket can be closed. This is to ensure that the thread for each ticket is saved on the Helpdesk database for future reference and also for any tracking of issues or future knowledge base needs. It also means that Escendency support will be able to more efficiently resolve tickets.