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Action Plan Reports

Action plans are a useful and functional way to work towards a performance target. Although they do not contribute quantitatively to the organisation's performance goals they do act as time sensitive roadmap towards achieving them and are monitored and assessed by the system in realtime. Action plans are set up by the system's users on an as needed basis. See action plan help for more information.

The Action Plan Summary Report is covered in action plan help. There are two additional action plan reports, both tabular, available to users with administrative privileges; Action plans not Linked to a strategy map item (figure 1) and Action plans that are overdue (figure 2):

Action Plans Not Linked to Strategy Map

Figure 1: Example of an Actions Plans not Linked to Strategy Map report

Action plans overdue

Figure 2: Example of an Action Plans Overdue report

Like all Escendency reports the Action Plan reports can be exported and saved on file as and when needed. Users with Windows XP can use the default zipping utility to unzip the file while users of older machines will need a third party zip software.