Strategy Mapping & Reporting Technology

The System


Real-Time Reporting

Escendency system generated Corporate Performance Plan
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All the data held in the Escendency System is entered and actioned in real-time, meaning that you are always making decisions based on the latest information.

All reports are available on demand at the touch of a button. For example, your whole corporate business plan (even if it runs to hundreds of pages) can be published, in text and graphical form, in seconds.

Flexible and Configurable

While the engine behind Escendency is identical in every installation the system is highly configurable. This means that you can tailor the system to your organisation, your people and your strategy.

In addition to getting your own badged live system, you will also get a training system for your staff to play with (even do what ifs) plus access to an already populated demonstration system.

Your monthly or annual payment includes all administration and user documentation in both electronic and hardbound versions so that, while we can provide full training on the system, you can do your own training if you wish.

Individualised Dashboards

Every user you assign to your system has their own unique access controlled by username and password. The system recognises the access rights, privileges and interests of the user (which can be changed at any time by you) so that they only get access to relevant information. This means that your data remains controlled by you but also keeps things simple and relevant for the user.

Integrated Action Planning

corporate performance overview
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Any system entity (performance indicator, project, person or post) can have an associated action plan or plans. You can even attach an action plan to an action plan (action plans contain tasks).

Benefits of Using the Escendency System

The Escendency system is Web based making access quick and simple from any Web enabled device. Utilising a standard browser, it presents users with a familiar and easy-to-use interface. This means:

Low cost rental per head allowing everyone in the organisation to be involved.

No capital outlay.

No need for additional investment in hardware or software.

Unlimited read-only reporting allowing approved reports to be made available to the community.

No additional burden on internal IT department.

Inclusive upgrade protection is included ensuring that you benefit from the latest enhancements and improvements.

Input to future enhancements via a user group.

The Escendency system simplifies communications, both internally and externally. In addition it will provide major benefits in the areas of: