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Customer Comments on the Escendency System

Our assessment needs are complex and no one system on its own provides the holistic analysis sufficient to assess overall progress. The Escendency system will, for the first time, give us the opportunity to take a 360 degree view of overall pupil and group progress at a glance and monitor improvement over time efficiently and accurately.


Gillian Ridgway, Head teacher at Cedar House

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Here in Neighbourhood Management we have found Escendency an invaluable tool in measuring and reporting progress across our key indicators. The most impressive thing about the system is the way it was put together with precisely our needs in mind. It is having a "bespoke" performance management system which means that our monitoring information is literally available at the click of a button and is presented in a number of different ways which suite a variety of audiences.

John Deacon, Project Director, Community Engagement Neighbourhood Task Force

“At Fylde we are delighted with the progress we have been making using Escendency for performance reporting and action planning which is becoming a big success with employees across the council, saving us time and money. The support has been fantastic and the team at Escendency always have time for the customer. Escendency has proved to be a superb value for money performance management solution.”

Allan Oldfield, Executive Manager Policy & Performance, Fylde Borough Council

“As the Council's Chief Executive, there are two fundamental elements to the system which have a huge attraction to me. Firstly, is the simplicity of performance reporting at a corporate level, which as Chief Executive allows me to quickly and easily get a clear perspective as to how the Council is performing against its wide range of indicators and the alignment of these indicators with our key aims and objectives. And, secondly, the fact that the system is designed to ensure wide ownership from staff at all levels.”

“We have now extended our use of this system to incorporate performance against the aims within our Community Strategy. The system is ideal, I believe, to use on a county-wide basis, to monitor the performance of all contributing organisations, against the individual targets within our Local Area Agreement.”

Derek Stevens, Rother District Council Chief Executive

Rother District Council Case Study

Promoting City Coast & Countryside“We, as an authority, are constantly being challenged to demonstrate that we are able to deliver value for money customer focused services, use our resources effectively and at the same time deliver efficiency savings through continuous improvement. It is very clear to me that the Escendency System will be the key driver in changing the council's whole approach to monitoring and managing its performance.

Our experience of working with Escendency continues to be an extremely positive one. I have been impressed by their complete belief in the value of the work they are doing, their total commitment to working with us within a true spirit of 'partnership', their 'can do' attitude and willingness to tailor their product to meet our specific needs.”

Richard Tulej, Head of Corporate Strategy at Lancaster City Council

Lancaster City Council Case Study

Arun District Council“In the short time we have been a user of the system, the benefits have become clear. we will gain transparancy and clear open lines of accountability for performance. information is presented in a simple, understandable way and the unlimited read-only licenses provided allow full user involvement with the ability to publish reports to the web for access by involved strategic partnerships, community groups and local people. In short, the system will allow us to spend more time managing our performance rather than just monitoring it!”

Bambi Benson, Senior Improvement & Performance Officer, Arun District Council

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