Perspective 5: The Software Partner

It was just before Christmas 2002 when we first met Rother DC. In the 6 months prior to that they had employed the services of a change management consultant Tony Meenaghan, to search the world for the ideal Performance Management System.

Rother DC had formed principled views on how such a system should operate, in particular that it should be people-centric. The system would have to meet their current needs but also enable them to continue to develop in line with best practice. They could not find this in the marketplace. We quickly discovered that our philosophies aligned in the areas of: people-centredness, freedom with responsibility, real-time management and continuous improvement.

Believing it was the right thing to do gave both Rother DC and ourselves the sheer determination to make it a reality. Little did we know that our Christmas 2002 meeting would lead us all into a 2 year quest, and, from our side, involve the spin-off and creation of a new company along the way to see it through.

The result is that we now have a pan-organisational system that provides a common reality used by all of the people all of the time, revolutionising their whole way of working for the benefit of their community.

We are proud to have been part of this story and look forward to working with Rother DC and others with like minds in continuing to evolve best practice in the UK public sector.

Mark Robinson, Director, Escendency Ltd