Perspective 2: The Leader of the Council

RtPM allows Rother District Council to maintain focus on its priorities for improvement in service delivery and customer satisfaction. We feel strongly that we are breaking the mould for performance management in district authorities. Through creating a linked sequence between our targets, our organisational goals and the aims of the Rother Community Plan we are driving improvement directly linked to public expectations.

This has renewed our sense of purpose and resulted in far better information for Members, impacting upon the quality of our decision making and Scrutiny function.

We are able to compare and match ourselves with other authorities; through benchmarking we can demonstrate value for money to our residents. Implementing the system has required organisational courage and given us, in return, a greater clarity and focus in our policymaking. This in turn has led us I feel to better political decision making.

Councillor Graham Gubby, Leader of Rother District Council