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Administrative Reports: System Log report

The System Log report enables a user with administrative privileges to track logins, logout and login errors for a chosen date range for all users.

Selecting the report displays a date range and choice of login activity to track (figure 1). Once 'View' is selected, the system log displays the user name, log activity date and IP address of the user in tabular form (figure 2).

Figure 1: An example of the System Log report dialog window

Figure 2: An example System Log report showing login errors over a month. Scroll down to see more records

Like all Escendency reports the System Log report can be exported, though because users can pick any date range to display the system log data at any time this function may be of limited use. Users with Windows XP can use the default zipping utility to unzip the file while users of older machines will need a third party zip software.