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Performance Target Progress Report

These reports display the graphical and tabular progress of performance targets linked to a specific strategy map item. They can be accessed from many parts of the system including Measurement and Validation task windows, Corporate Performance Overview report, Organisation Performance Overview reports, Group reports and Scorecard reports (to name a few) and also Performance Indicator (PI) Owners reports (the latter will only display on user's report tab who own performance targets).

The reports are broken down by performance targets over time (e.g. BV126a(2006-2007), BV126a(2007-2008) where BV126a is the performance indicator and the years in brackets are the performance target range). See performance indicator help and performance target help for more information on setting up performance indicators and targets.

This report is a fully comprehensive graphical and tabular display of the progress of the particular performance target that the performance indicator is used to measure. The report is identical to that accessed from the performance indicator library report and the My Strategic Overview report and is part of the Performance Indicator module. See figure 1 below for an example taken from the Performance Report: BV126a(2004-2005) link on the Performance Indicator Owners Reports list.

Figure 1: An example of a Performance Indicator (BV126a) Progress report for a target set between April 1st 2004 and March 31st 2005

See performance indicator report for another example.

These reports follow the Escendency icon and colour coding standards. For additional explanation of these and other symbols used in these and other Escendency reports, see icon coding and drill down icons in the control panel help.

Like all Escendency reports Performance Indicator Owners reports can be exported and saved on file as and when needed. Users with Windows XP can use the default zipping utility to unzip the file while users of older machines will need a third party zip software.