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Group Reports: All Groups / Individual Groups report

Individual group reports are listed on the user's report tab and follow the format of the All Groups report and so are not covered here.

The All Group reports enables user's associated with a particular group/s to view the contribution of those group's performance targets in both tabular and graphical form.

For information on setting up groups in the Escendency system see User Group Help.

Figure 1: Example of a user's All Group report. In this example the user is associated with the Corporate Performance group.

In the Report Options, the user can re-sort the report from the Sorting drop down by contribution to mission, end date, performance target, target owner, start date, or status. Once the sort criteria is selected, click on 'Re-sort'.

Also, the user can choose from the Display checkboxes to display additional Performance Indicator information including Quarterlies, Historic values, Forecast values, Family Group value, Benchmark Value, and Next Measurement Date.

The icons in this report follow the Escendency icon and colour coding standards. Not all the icons that could be displayed for this report are illustrated in the example above (for example, action plan icons). For additional explanation of these and other symbols used in this report, see icon coding and drill down icons in control panel help.

Like all Escendency reports the All Groups report can be exported so that a snap shot can be saved on file as and when is required (to do this scroll to the bottom of the report and select the Export Report icon and follow the default). Because of the number of components in the report the file will be saved as a zip file. Users with Windows XP can use the default zipping utility to unzip the file while users of older machines will need a third party zip software.