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Progress Reporting Technology for individual & organisational objectives

Onwards and Upwards

Holistic Progress Reporting
for Special Schools

Onwards & Upwards


The System is used in…

The web-based Escendency System is used in and across many types of organisations, here are some examples:

Local Authorities
Real-time performance management
Special Schools
Visualising the holistic progress of individual students and cohorts through to whole school improvement plans
Sports and commercial services business and real-time organisational performance
Monitoring, managing and reporting of Corporate Social Responsibility operations
Social Enterprises
Social Accounting and evidence-based added value reporting for stakeholders

Transform Your Strategy

Every organisation is unique but whether it is large or small, in the private or the public sector, evidence shows that highly successful ones have two ingredients in common:

  1. A clear strategic Purpose with Performance Indicators and Improvement Actions against which progress is measured and routinely reported.
  2. An organisation in which every individual is able to assess their own objectives and know how they relate to the organisation's Purpose.

Transform your strategy into a real-time monitoring, managing and reporting system across your organisation.